About me

I’m not a blogger. Rather an enthusiast of music and cinema from the ’90s, when I grew up.

Times with no mobile phones, lack of which causes nowadays a sense of panic, with no WiFi, without which a man in the woods feels like a hounded animal, with no Facebook, where people pose as mini-celebrities with thousands of “friends” – I look back at this period with longing.

Real friendship, meeting your friends face to face. Writing letters, and sending postcards with greetings. Collecting newspaper clippings about the favourite musicians. Discovering new bands by tape recording rock or jazz radio shows. Borrowing Davis’s or Coltrane’s cassettes from dad, or Faith No More’s and Nirvana’s from the first school sweethearts. Commissioning to record MTV’s Headbangers Ball on VHS to my uncle (the only person in the family with a VCR and cable television). Skipping classes to go to the movies to see Jarmusch, Lynch, or Tarantino. Taking photos with an analogue camera and collecting prints in an album. Being out in the nature – hiking in the mountains, bathing in a cold stream, or sleeping in a tent at the seaside. Playing drums in a band. Sharing the last cigarette or beer with friends during evening strolls around the city, talking about love, music and coping with life.
„The past beats inside me like a second heart.” ― John Banville, The Sea