HI ! (#1)

Hi, it’s me again! This time, after a photo and a music/ film blog, I concluded I need something more specific. I reminisce about my adolescence in the ‘90s almost every day. It’s totally unintentional – sometimes a sound of a record, a scene in a movie, some overheard sentence, or a certain smell or taste, bring me back to situations from years ago (by the way, I constantly catch myself thinking it’s year 2001 or 2002…).

I decided this would be a good place to write it all down, but not limiting myself to “I remember when in the ‘90s…” I would like this blog to be a place where one can find good music (not only created in the ‘90s, but also music I got interested in back then, which has this, let’s say, “90s vibe”). I hope you’ll be able to see something nice here too, discover stuff you didn’t know about or even sometimes read something smart (don’t take my word for it, though). Oh, and there will probably be plenty of gif’s, because I love them!

On the right hand side, you can see a link to my Instagram account related to the ‘90s period. There is also a link to Spotify I’ll be trying to embed playlists regularly, and write about them (if any of you have issues with playback, let me know, and I’ll be trying to help; however, I think the plugin should work fine).

I believe it makes no sense to write more about what you will or won’t be able to find here. I just want to enjoy writing this blog and share this with you. That’s all about me let’s get started!